My original plan for this blog was to write a series of pieces that related to Europe and the towns and cities I hoped to pass through during a cycling tour of North-West and Central Europe. Sadly finances and the lack of paid leave were against me, and as I’d already started to research and write entries I decided to make the blog a metaphorical journey in which I wote about events, places, people, organisations, food, and other things that interest me about the places I intended to visit. The itinerary was as follows:

Dover – Ostende – Antwerp – Aachen –  Bonn – Mainz – Wurzburg – Munchburg – Plsen – Ceske Budejovice – Cesky Krumlov – Linz – Vienna – Bratislava – Brno – Hlinsko – Prague – Dresden – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Berlin – Neustrelitz – Rostock – Lubeck – Hamburg

This ‘journey’ finished with my post on the bombing of Hamburg and I am continuing the theme of travelling through Europe, but for now visiting countries rather than specific locations. Having left Hamburg the itinerary for the next set of posts is:

Denmark – England – Wales – Ireland – Northern Ireland – Scotland – Iceland – The Faroes – Norway – Sweden – Finland

My intention is to continue writing about events, places, people, organisations, food, and other things that interest me about these places.

(January 6, 2019) After another long hiatus I plan to start writing for this blog once more, picking up where I left off, in Sweden. After Finland, the itinerary will be:

Russia – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Hungary – Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey – Greece – Macedonia (FYROM) – Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro – Serbia – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Croatia – Slovenia – Italy – Switzerland – France – Spain – Portugal

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  1. Yesterday Unhinged
    February 6, 2014

    Hi Aaron,

    Would you like to do a post on my Fab Five series? You pick your five favorite historical figures. Details are in the shortlink below. There’s no rush. I’ve got a few lined up. But I like your posts and would love it if you’d do you top 5!

    – The Other Aaron –


    • aaroncripps
      February 7, 2014

      Hello Aaron,

      More than happy to contribute to your Fab Five series. In fact I’ve been thinking about my short list since you asked for contributions. I’ll hopefully have something for you shortly, though you’ve already nabbed Orwell.


      • Yesterday Unhinged
        February 7, 2014

        No rush. Thanks a ton. And spread the word if you think anyone else may be interested.


  2. Robert Horvat
    March 24, 2018

    Glad you’re back my friend. Look forward to reacquainting myself with your metaphorical journey around Europe.

    Liked by 1 person

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